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The first bout of the night saw the team of Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth battle brunettes Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria. Blonde Jennie started things against Teri and quickly took the fight to the older woman, stinging Hatcher with a flurry of right hands off the bell before an arm drag into a knee lift followed by an abdominal stretch that had Teri in serious pain. Try as she might, Hatcher couldn’t escape the hold, but she was able to slide just close enough to the ropes to grab hold and force a break. Jennie kept right after Hatcher, however, landing two more rights and going for an Irish whip. Teri, however, stopped her momentum by grabbing the ropes, used the reverse momentum to pull the blonde in, applied a bear hug, and planted Garth with a belly-to-belly suplex. The brunette then made her way to the corner to tag in Eva, but Jennie recovered quickly at got Bynes into the ring just as Longoria arrived. Amanda moved in to tie up the shorter woman, but Eva ducked under, went behind her rival, applied the tight waist, and planted her with a back suplex. Longoria then bounced to her feet and waited for Bynes to get off the mat. Eva hit a boot to the gut, nailed the DDT…and then applied the camel clutch. That quickly, Amanda was in dire trouble and severe pain. She struggled for nearly 30 seconds before, unable to break free or take any more pain, Bynes tapped out her submission.


Next up was the first of seven qualifying matches for the “Queen Of The Big Screen” Tournament, and the first tussle featured blonde Renee Zellweger and brunette Kate Beckinsale. Renee went right after Kate off the bell, tying up the bigger woman, which proved to be a mistake. The brunette simply overpowered Zellweger, drove her back into a corner, and then wore her out with a series of seven knee lifts to the midsection. Beckinsale then straightened up the doubled-over Renee with two forearm uppercuts to the chin before an Irish whip sent her diagonally across the ring to crash, back first, into a corner. The brunette then charged, thinking splash, but Renee spun away at the last second leaving Kate to slam, chest first, into the turnbuckle. Renee moved in behind her winded rival and took her to the mat with a back suplex before rolling her up and managing a two count. Renee then pulled Kate up by the hair and tried a right hand, but Beckinsale blocked it and followed with a series of rights and lefts that wobbled the blonde and left her easy prey for another Irish whip, this one feeding her off the ropes.  On the way back, Kate stopped Zellweger cold with a boot to the gut, slipped behind her, and applied the dragon sleeper. Renee struggled valiantly, but was clearly well held and slowly weakened in the killer hold. Finally, nearing oblivion, the blonde gasped out her submission sending Kate to the quarterfinals. 


Next up were redhead Julia Roberts and former tournament winner Catherine Zeta-Jones, and the Welshwoman, as usual, went right after her opponent, using a series of high kicks to the face and chest to drive Julia back into a corner and a well-executed monkey flip to send her crashing to the canvas. Roberts was slow to rise but much quicker to taste the mat again after Catherine greeted her with a drop kick to the chin. Zeta-Jones then bounced off the ropes and dropped the elbow, but Julia rolled away at the last second, leaving her rival to slam awkwardly into the canvas. Roberts bounced to her feet and caught the brunette with a boot to the gut as she rose before hooking her up and nailing a vertical suplex. The redhead rolled right into a cover, but the Welsh beauty kicked out at two. Roberts kept after Catherine, however, pulling her up by the hair and rocking her back into the ropes with three knife-edge chops across the chest. Julia then sent her rival for the ride, but Zeta-Jones leapfrogged a back body drop attempt on the way back, went all the way through, and exploded off the ropes with a flying forearm that knocked Julia flat. The brunette then waited for the redhead to rise, nailed her with a pair of forearms to the chin, and then sent her off the ropes…only to nearly decapitate Roberts with a spin kick on the way back. Catherine then hooked the leg for the three count and the quarterfinal spot.

A pair of blondes was up next, with former “Queen Of The Small Screen” Sarah Michelle Gellar beginning her effort to become the first woman to win two different tournaments in a qualifier against Naomi Watts. The Aussie beauty quickly moved in to tie up the younger woman, but Gellar quickly went behind, applied a tight waist, and tripped Watts to the mat. Sarah then applied a full nelson and was working to roll her rival into a combination with a body scissors, but Naomi managed to roll through far enough to grab the ropes and force a break. Watts pulled herself up on the ropes cautiously and Gellar moved in quickly, but Naomi caught on the way with a boot to the gut and then staggered her back into the opposite ropes with a barrage of European uppercuts. Naomi then went for the Irish whip, sending Sarah for the ride, but Gellar ducked a clothesline, put on the brakes, and took Watts to the mat in a, shall we say, unkind manner with a drop neck breaker. Gellar hooked the leg, but Naomi was able to kick out at two. Watts, however, was very slow to rise and Sarah was all over her when she did so, battering her back into the ropes with a flurry of punches and chops before feeding her in and, like Catherine in the previous match, sending Watts to her doom with a spin kick to the chin. Naomi never moved as Gellar hooked the leg for the three count and the third spot in the quarterfinals.


Another contest between blonde and brunette was next with Gwyneth Paltrow battling Hilary Swank in the next qualifier. Swank got off to the hot start, using her boxing training to take the fight to the blonde, staggering Paltrow with a series of punches that left her rubber legged and drove her into a corner. Swank then went to work with a barrage of body shots, hammering away at Gwyneth’s ribs and belly before a forearm uppercut straightened the blonde up and a high hip toss put her on the canvas. Swank then bounced off the ropes and dropped an elbow across the chest before hooking the leg for the first two count of the bout. The brunette hauled her rival off the canvas and scooped her over head, but Paltrow slipped away, dropped down behind the brunette and planted, applied a quick tight waist, and changed the momentum of the bout with a German suplex with a bridge. That quickly, a dazed Hilary’s shoulders were on the mat. The brunette, though, was able to kick out at two. Swank was a bit slow to rise and Paltrow made her pay with a boot to the gut and a vertical suplex. The blonde rolled right into a cover, but again, Swank kicked out at two. Paltrow bounced back to her feet and hauled her rival up by the hair, but an attempted right hand was blocked and Swank let go with a nasty flurry of rights and lefts that had Paltrow punching ghosts. A knee lift to the belly doubled the blonde over, and a double-arm DDT put her down. Hilary then rolled Gwyneth to her back and hooked the leg for the three count, the win, and the quarterfinal spot.


Another former tournament winner was next as Charlize Theron, also a former FCWF champion, climbed into the ring to battle fellow-blonde Reese Witherspoon. Theron quickly went on the offensive, using her reach to sting Witherspoon with a pair of right hands before an arm drag into a bear hug. Reese, however, countered beautifully with a reverse atomic drop that broke the hold and three solid punches to the chin that sent Theron reeling back toward the ropes. The shorter woman then used an arm drag of her own to pull Theron into a knee lift and hammered the doubled-over beauty to her hands and knees with three elbows to the back of the head. Reese then straddled Charlize and applied the reverse chin lock, but Theron grabbed Witherspoon behind the knees and powered up while tripping the shorter woman back to the canvas. Then, showing her athleticism, the leggy kept the legs and did a back flip right into a flip over cover that stunned Witherspoon, who barely got a shoulder up before the referee’s hand hit the mat a third time. Charlize rolled right back to her feet and, when Reese rose, stung her with a snap kick to the chin and then sent her for the ride. On the way back, Theron scoop slammed the smaller woman, then grabbed both her legs and went right into the Boston crab. That quickly, Reese was in desperate trouble. Too far from the ropes and not close to able to break free, Witherspoon fought the pain for nearly 45 seconds before tapping out her submission and sending Charlize to the quarterfinals.

Another qualifier was next, this one featuring redhead Nicole Kidman and blonde Cameron Diaz. The two beauties tied up in the center of the ring off the bell and Nicole quickly slipped behind with a duck under and applied a tight waist. Diaz, however, countered with a pair of back elbows to the chin and a snap mare takeover that put the redhead on the mat. The blonde then pulled her rival to a sitting position and applied a bow and arrow that had Kidman in some pain. Nicole, however, powered to her feet, pulled an arm free, and hammered three elbows of her own home, right in Diaz’ breadbasket. Kidman then turned in on the blonde and rocked her back into the ropes with a flurry of right hands. An Irish whip followed, and, on the way back, the redhead flattened her opponent with a mafia kick to the chin. Nicole then hooked the leg, but Cameron kicked out at two. Kidman kept the pressure on, pulling Diaz to her feet and sending her off the ropes again. This time, however, Cameron ducked a clothesline attempt, went all the way through, and flattened the redhead with a high cross body on the return trip. The blonde then bounced to her feet and waited as a winded Nicole struggled off the mat before planting her with the Rocker Dropper. A hook of the leg and a three count followed, sending Diaz to the quarterfinals.


There was just one quarterfinal spot left and both brunette Sandra Bullock and blonde Kirsten Dunst wanted it, and, right off the bell, Sandra looked to make it clear she wanted it more. She tied up Dunst and then folded her up with a pair of knee lifts to the belly before driving her back into a corner with a series of forearm uppercuts. Bullock then climbed to the bottom rope, grabbed the blonde by the hair, and landed no fewer than eight chopping right hands into her head and face before stepping down and aside and allowing Kirsten to crumple, face-first, to the canvas. The brunette hauled the blonde up by the hair, nailed her with a pair of knife-edge chops across the chest, and sent her for the ride. On the way back, Bullock allowed Dunst to go by and caught her with a sleeper. Kirsten, however, reacted quickly, landing a trio of back elbows to the chin that loosened the hold and then executing a jawbreaker that broke it and sent the brunette to the canvas. Sandra was slow to rise and Kirsten was all over her when she did so, landing a barrage of punches and kicks that, eventually, sent Sandra back against the turnbuckle. Dunst whipped her, diagonally, across the ring. Sandra crashed into the corner chest first and Kirsten followed behind with a clothesline that smashed the brunette back into the turnbuckle. Kirsten then grabbed Bullock from behind and hit a back suplex that took the older woman to the mat. Dunst bounced to her feet and waited as Sandra rose before hitting a boot to the gut and finishing her rival with a wraparound neck breaker. The blonde then covered and got the three count and the pass to the quarterfinals.


The final round of voting for top contenders at "Guns Of August" is here, so let us know who should get the shots at the straps...
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Kirsten Dunst/Julia Stiles
Cameron Diaz/Daisy Fuentes
Rachel Hunter/Kathy Ireland

Who Should Be The Top Contender For The FCWF Championship

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And, we've got a big card Friday, including a brand new tag team in action for the first time, so let us know who the winners will be...
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Who Will Win The Matches On The August 19th Card?

Brooke Burke/Stephanie Seymour
Gillian Anderson/Angie Everhart


Renee Tenison/Traci Bingham
Gina Gershon/Amanda Peet


Christa Miller(5'8", 41)
Carmen Electra(5'4", 33)


Angie Harmon(5'10", 33)
Carrie-Anne Moss(5'9", 38)


Heather Graham(5'8", 35)
Jolene Blalock(5'7", 30)


Tyra Banks(5'11", 32)
Gena Lee Nolin(5'9", 34)

Queen Of The MansionTournament-Semi-Finals

Jenny McCarthy(5'7", 33)
Victoria Silvestedt(5'11", 31)

Queen Of The MansionTournament-Semi-Finals

Carmella DeCesare(5'8", 23)
Karen McDougal(5'8", 34)

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